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Nurture Ranch 100% Grass-Fed Beef Texas USA Raised Traceable to Origin



 We nurture 100% Grass Fed Beef in the Better Ways Of Yesteryear™ Traceable to Origin with No Grain, Antibiotics & Hormones ever and certified by the American Grassfed Association that tastes so good people ask, "Hey, where'd you get that meat!"

We became interested in 100% grass fed beef after being advised by our doctors to be cautious of traditional grain fed beef.  We liked the health benefits of 100% grass fed beef, but found it had an inconsistent taste, tenderness and sometimes questionable history.

Better nutrition with exquisite taste, tenderness and transparency became our mission.  Here's how we achieve it with the Super 7 Difference™.

1) Nurture Tracker™ - Every pack includes a code to enter online to see the nurturing history from birth to harvest of a single steer born and raised in the USA and fed 100% grass with no antibiotics or hormones.  Even our ground beef, hot dogs and sausage are all made from a single steer and are never commingled in package for the most accurate traceability.

5th generation ranchers consistently deliver exquisite tenderness and taste.

2) 5th Generation Ranchers - We employ and lease land from 5th generation ranchers with advanced educations preserving the "Better Ways Of Yesteryear"™ to "Keep On Ranching"® in the smartest ways possible.  We encourage you to support local ranchers so that they can continue to provide you with clean, fresh, local product.

Higher average temperatures and rain makes our grazing amazing.

3) Location - East Texas has fresh grass year round, higher average temperatures and rainfall, mineral rich springs and four story tall shade trees.

Our 100% Grass Fed Beef is nurtured only on grass and mother's milk.

4) Genetics - Black Angus steer calves acquired from quality ranches with proven genetics and finished on 100% grass to deliver better taste.

Nurtured at nature's pace for exquisite tenderness and taste.™

5) Optimal Harvest Weight - We follow nature's pace to heavier harvest weights than most grass fed programs, which fully develops our steers and contributes to their exquisite taste.

6) Aging - We also follow nature's pace to age our beef for enhanced tenderness and elevated flavor.


7) Lucky Clover - Free range pastures enrich soil and promote bee and pollenate populations that propagate our clover, one of the very richest sources of protein for cattle that improves their nutrition, growth and taste.

Nurturing free range grows bee populations and our Lucky Clover.

We are certified by the American Grassfed Association and adhere to these standards;

100% Grass Fed from weaning until harvest with no grain ever.
            Free Range pasture raised without confinement to feedlots.
Antibiotic, Hormone and GMO Free.
Traceable Origin born and raised in the USA.

East Texas temperatures and rain produce Amazing Grazing™ year round.

Higher average temperatures and scale enable us to deliver around the calendar.

Exquisite taste and tenderness that is Better In 12 Ways® than feedlot beef.

Blazing a better trail to harvest makes our 100% Grass Fed Beef Better in 12 Ways® than feed lot beef with exquisite taste and tenderness.



We nurture our Traceable 100% Grass Fed Black Angus beef on grass year round in East Texas - see pictures from our ranch below.  Click here to see our products.

 Our nurturing grows pollenate populations.

Our nurturing grows pollenate populations.

 Shade from four story tall trees.

Shade from four story tall trees.

 Natural mineral springs are abundant on Nurture Ranch.

Natural mineral springs are abundant on Nurture Ranch.