Bloom Fresh™ Package Is Fresher

Our Bloom Fresh™ package is air tight and vacuum sealed twice to make your meat fresher.  Removing the air in our package can sometimes make meat appear dark red, purple or brown in color while in pack, but it blooms red when exposed to air.

Going to great lengths to assure your meat is cleaner, fresher and more delicious is our mission.

We deliver on it by processing 1 Cow™ at a time, using our Bloom Fresh™ air-tight, vacuum sealed twice packaging, choosing better genetic herds, nurturing humanely on fresh grass year round in the USA without antibiotics, hormones or GMOs, and validating it all with a Nurture Tracker® code on every pack.

Our nurturing process is significantly tougher and more expensive than traditional raised beef or even typical grass fed beef you buy in the store.

But we do all of this to make for an optimal experience for you.

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