1 Steer™

100% cleaner* leaves nothing to chance.

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1 Steer™ and 1 Cow™ processing produces beef that is 100% cleaner* than industry standards with an unmatched clean taste.

Almost all meat in the US, with very few exceptions, is mass produced mixing meat sources together during processing. Independent lab tests identify that 1 Steer™ grass fed beef is 100% cleaner* than industry average standards. Because our beef is grown domestically, it also eliminates foreign country bacteria.

The majority of grass fed beef in the United States is imported, mass processed twice, once in another country and again in the USA, and labeled "Product Of USA" after it passes through a USDA inspected facility. Mixing meat sources from different parts of the world increases bacteria strains from foreign countries.

We package in our Bloom Fresh™ package that is air tight and vacuum sealed twice to make your meat fresher.

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1 Steer™ is made from a single male bovine. 1 Cow™ is made from a single female bovine.