Smoked Ribeye Roast - 2lbs

Smoked Ribeye Roast - 2lbs


1 Steer™ Grass Fed Texas grown Black Angus.

Heavenly Texas Natural Honey Pecan Smoked Ribeye Roast.

Dry Aged to perfection.

Completely cooked. Warm and serve. 2lb roast makes 6 5oz servings.

Nurturing 100% grass fed beef free range in the tall lush dells of Texas promotes bee populations which pollinate our lucky clover, a significant source of protein for our cattle, and generates pure golden honey to naturally seal in our slow Texas pecan smoked flavor. The combination is a one-of-kind, all natural, Texas rich experience. 

1 Steer™ safe with Nurture Tracker® code on every pack providing access to nurturing history.

Vacuum sealed package keeps fresh unopened in refrigerator for 30 days or freeze for longer storage.

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