1 Cow™ Sausage - Honey Pecan Smoked- 4 Packs

1 Cow™ Sausage - Honey Pecan Smoked- 4 Packs


1 Cow™ Grass Fed Texas grown..

Nothing goes better with grass fed beef sausage than Honey and Pecan Smoke. (4) 12oz packs.

1 Cow™ safe with Nurture Tracker® code on every pack providing access to nurturing history. “Better in 12 Ways”® and tastes so go people ask, “Hey, Where’d You Get That Meat!”®

Fully cooked, just warm and serve.

Nurturing 100% grass fed beef free range in the tall lush dells of Texas promotes bee populations which pollinate our lucky clover, a significant source of protein for our cattle, and generates pure golden honey to naturally seal in our slow Texas pecan smoked flavor. The combination is a one-of-kind, all natural, Texas rich experience. 

Vacuum sealed package keeps fresh unopened in refrigerator for 30 days or freeze for longer storage.

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Better In 12 Ways™  means it's

1) Traceable to origin on every pack

2) No Antibiotics  

3) No Hormones

4) Lower Fat and Calories

5) Richer in Vitamin A

6) More Vitamin B1 & B2

7) Higher in Vitamin E

8) Richer in Minerals - Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium

9) Much greater in CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) that has been attributed to burning belly fat and reducing inflammation,

10) More Omega 3

11) Healthier Environment

12) Supports Independent 5th generation Local Ranchers who tend to our herds.

We make our ground beef 85% lean, putting as much fat as we get from our lean cattle not only for better taste, but also because the fat content in Nurture Burger is rich in CLA and Omega 3.