How To Cook A Really, Really Good Grass Fed Burger


It  doesn't matter if you're a master chef or someone who cooks only occasionally, there is a tried and true way to cook a 100% grass fed burger that is so good,  it can compete against your very favorite cut of meat from your very favorite chef, grass fed or not.

The secret is in the prep and how the burger is cooked.  You see, 100% grass fed beef has amazing nutrient values, even the fat in it is healthy as it is rich in Omega 3 and CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid).  But, grass fed beef is leaner than traditional beef, even with the same fat content, because the majority of the fat in grass fed is unsaturated.

That's why you don't cook it like a typical hamburger.  This recipe is not difficult and it doesn't take a lot of extra prep time or expense.  But it is specifically focused on bringing out the very best taste and texture in grass fed ground beef.

Choosing the right grass fed beef can enhance your experience too.  First, to realize the complete nutrient value of 100% grass fed beef, look on the label for certification from the American Grassfed Association or other third party inspecting body.  The label should also mention no antibiotics, hormones or grain ever.

Most grass fed in the United States is imported great distances.  We strongly urge you to buy local, made in the USA to assure you are getting the freshest product, indigenous to your taste and standards that is traceable to origin so you know exactly where it's been and how it was raised.

For the cleanest possible beef and very best flavor, look for Nurture Ranch 1 Steer™ ground beef in the Bloom Fresh package.  1 Steer with no parts mixed is unmatched in the grocery store as is the Bloom Fresh Package tube, that is vacuum packed and sealed twice.


Now that you're ready to cook, here's the recipe you're going to want to save!

1) Split one pound into 1/3's for huge size burgers or 1/4’s for large burgers.

2) Roll each patty into a ball and press with spatula into a patty shape - don't flatten, leave between ball and patty shape to assure it doesn't get dry when cooking.

3) Lightly season with sea salt on both sides.

4) Heat large pan or grill over medium heat. If pan ideally iron skillet.

5) Pour olive oil in pan to coat the bottom and also on both sides of your hamburger about 1 ounce per burger.  If grilling, pour olive oil on both sides of burger. We recommend extra virgin olive oil.

6) Place patties in pan and cook burger for 5 minutes on first side.

7) Turn burger over and top again with a splash of olive oil and grass fed butter, we recommend KerryGold - cook for 3 minutes.

8) Top with cheese for cheeseburger if desired after and cook on low for 1 more minute to melt cheese.

9) Pull burger from pan onto plate and let stand for two minutes. It still cooks after you pull it.  Letting it sit finishes the cooking and makes it juicy.

10) Place burger on buns, we recommend Brioche Buns.

11) Bun prep to your liking.  We recommend lightly toasted in oven on lowest temperature for four minutes just before pulling burgers from pan, or steam buns on top of burgers in pan, heat turned off for one minute with lid on top of pan just before pulling burgers. 

Rodney Mason