How To Cook A Delicious Grass Fed Steak

Grass Fed Beef Steak cooking tips from Nurture Ranch tastes amazing.

Grass Fed Beef Steak cooking tips from Nurture Ranch tastes amazing.


1) 100% Grass Fed Nurture Steaks from Nurture Ranch.

2) Two skillets, preferably iron.

3) Tongs to turn steaks.

4) Sea Salt.

5) Olive Oil - we recommend Carapelli Unfiltered Organic.

6) Grass Fed Butter - we recommend Kerry Gold.

7) Other seasoning could include fresh rosemary sprigs, basil, oregano and garlic powder.

8)    Pat meat dry.

9)    Season with sea salt liberally on both sides one hour before cooking.  Salt draws moisture out of the meat that dissolves salt pulling it into the meat where it tenderizes the protein.


1)    Heat large pan over highest heat.

2)    Heat second pan on low heat..

3)    Pour olive oil in highest heat pan to coat the bottom of pan and pour on both sides of your steak.  We recommend Carapelli Unfiltered Organic Olive Oil.

4)    Sear steak for 3 minutes on first side – don’t be afraid of burning it.  Searing the outside locks in moisture. 

5)    Turn steak over and top again with olive oil, searing for 3 minutes in highest heat pan.

6)    If you’re cooking a steak with fat on the edges like a ribeye or NY strip, use tongs to lift steak on its side to deeply sear all theedges in the oil.

7)    Remove steak and place it on low heat pan for 5 minutes.  You can substitute low heat pan with oven on low heat - 200 degrees.  Be careful with oven, especially confection oven, which can dry meat out faster than low heat pan.

8)    Top with grass fed butter, we recommend Kerry Gold, after 3 minutes on the low heat pan. Top with other seasoning like rosemary sprigs.

9) If you use a thermometer to check for wellness, follow the guidelines provided with the thermometer.

10)Remove from low temperature pan and place on plate.  Let stand 3 minutes before serving and cutting.  The meat will continue to cook to perfection on the plate.



Rodney Mason