New Hope Network Says, "This Company Is Putting The Nutrient Value Back In Meat"

How a personal health quest led to the launch of NEXTY Award-winning Nurture Ranch–a revolutionary clean, grass-fed beef brand.

A longtime marketer, Rodney Mason never imagined he’d be raising free-range cattle and producing and distributing 100 percent grass-fed steaks, hot dogs, sausages and ground beef. But when his wife’s health crisis prompted the couple to clean up their diet, Mason was dismayed to learn just how unhealthy our food supply really is and how little most consumers actually know about it. This is especially the case, he found, with meat.

Determined to create change, Mason founded Nurture Ranch, a grass-fed beef brand committed to total transparency, humane animal treatment, single-steer processing and offering the most nutritious beef possible. Along with its great-tasting products, the company’s innovative Nurture Tracker program wowed New Hope editors at Natural Products Expo West 2018, earning Nurture Ranch the NEXTY Award for Best Transparently Sourced Product. Here, we talk with Mason about his game-changing brand.

What exactly brought you into the grass-fed beef business? 

Rodney Mason: My wife almost died from ulcerative colitis. With autoimmune diseases, inflammation is a really big deal, and any additives in foods can trigger the disease. That tragic situation spurred us to better understand what we were eating and how food is nurtured and processed.

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