1. 1 Steer™

Processing 1 Steer™ at a time with no parts mixed between sources makes our ground beef twice as clean as industry standards and has no foreign country bacteria.

2.   Nurture Tracker™

Makes every pack traceable to origin of 1 Steer™ identifying the nurturing history of where and how it was raised and delivered.

3. Humane

Our free range, transparent, animal first standards assure our livestock follow natures pace to healthy growth and are treated with the utmost care and respect.


4. No Antibiotics

Antibiotics create superbugs especially in large doses typically given to cattle herds.

5. No Hormones

Hormones pass through to humans changing body functions and increasing risk of cancer.



6. Low Fat & Cal

Fewer calories per bite reduces obesity a leading cause for issues with the heart, liver, kidney diabetes, cancer, stroke, immobility, breathing and sleep.

8. Omega 3

Improves cardiovascular function and reduces cholesterol and hypertension. Omega 3 is not found in grain fed cattle.

Nurture Ranch® is environmentally conscious and responsible which makes our pastures a nature haven.

10. Mineral Rich

Healthy bones, muscles & blood pressure. Calcium, Magnesium & Potassium support better cardiovascular health which improves health across the body.

11. Environment

Reduces disease & environmental waste and propagates bee and pollenate populations.

12. Indy Ranchers

Preserves better food alternatives. We work with 5th generation local ranchers in the traditions of yesteryear to keep better ranching practices alive for future generations.

We taste our words before sharing them. Here’s a link to experts who find 100% Grass Fed Beef is better than Feed Lot Beef.


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