Overuse of antibiotics reduces the impact they can have on fighting diseases and is believed to create superbugs and disease strains that are more immune to antibiotics. It is argued that eating meat that consumed significant quantities of antibiotics, as most feed lot cows do, can produce similar effects in humans.


Hormones are regularly given to feed lot herds. Raising hormone levels in humans change how the body functions and can increase the risk of cancer. A medical study published in 2007 found hormones regularly given to cows can be passed through to children from their mothers and the impact can follow the child through life.


Grass Fed Beef has a lower fat count than traditional feed lot beef, which also equates to a lower calorie per ounce intake.  A diet lower in fat can reduce weight gain and obesity. Obesity is a risk factor for heart, liver and kidney disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke, immobility and problems breathing and sleeping. 


Vitamin A is key for good vision, bone development, cell division and growth, strong immunity and healthier skin, hair, nails and reproduction. Beta Carotene which is much higher in Grass Fed Beef than traditional feed lot beef is processed in the body and releases all the benefits of Vitamin A when you need it most.


Thiamine is a coenzyme that digests and metabolizes food for energy to maintain proper heart and nerve function.  Riboflavin maintains healthy blood cells and boosts energy levels to provide ahealthy metabolism, contributing to overall growth and regeneration of cells in eyes, skin and other parts of the body.                                         


Vitamin E balances cholesterol, fights free radical cells known to create heart disease and cancer, reduces inflammation, slows aging, repairs damaged skin, thickens hair, balances hormones, helps with PMS symptoms, improves vision, physical endurance and strength. 


Calcium, Magnesium & Potassium support healthy bones, muscles, blood pressure and cardiovascular health.


CLA is used to treat cancer and in animal tests reduces tumors by 50%.  It also improves artery health, asthma, high blood pressure, cholesterol, osteoporosis and inflammation among other things


Omega 3 is linked to better cardiovascular health.  Bodies with low levels of omega-3s in the blood are linked to hypertension and heart attack risk. 


We raise cattle naturally in pastures without feed lots which has been proven to reduce overall disease and environmental waste.


Our beef is traceable from birth to harvest – so you know exactly where your beef came from and how it was raised. Feed lot cattle often change hands many times before harvest and most often the origin and how the beef was raised is a mystery.


We nurture our cattle in close proximity to our customers to assure our beef is as fresh and local as possible. Our Nurture RanchersTM “cowboy” on horseback and practice cattle nurturing in the healthier ways of yesteryear.  Supporting local independent ranchers improves and grows healthier food options available in your community.

We taste our own words before sharing them. Here’s a link to experts who find Grass Fed Beef is better than Fed Lot Beef.

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