1 Steer™ Process

10X cleaner and leaves nothing to chance.

1 Steer™ processing produces beef that is 10X cleaner than the industry average and eliminates bacteria from foreign countries. 

Almost all meat in the US, with very few exceptions, is mass produced mixing meat sources together during processing. Our tests identify that our beef is 10X cleaner than industry average standards. Because our beef is grown domestically, it also eliminates foreign country bacteria.

The majority of grass fed beef in the United States is imported and mass processed. Country Of Origin Labeling (COOL) law allows for imported beef to be labeled "Product Of USA" as long as it passes through a USDA approved processor, which is required to enter the country. Thus, all imported beef (and other meats) can state "Product Of USA" when it is anything but that.

Mixing meat sources from different parts of the world increases bacteria strains from foreign countries.

1 Steer™ processing costs more, but being10X cleaner and eliminating foreign country bacteria makes the value immeasurable.

We package in our Bloom Fresh™ package that is air tight and vacuum sealed twice to make your meat fresher.  Removing the air in our package can sometimes make meat appear dark red, purple or brown in color while in pack, but it blooms red when exposed to air.