1. Traceble Origin

Our beef is traceable from birth to harvest

So you know where your beef came from and how it was raised. Feed lot cattle often change hands many times before harvest and most often the origin and how the beef was raised is a mystery.

2. No Antibiotics

Overuse of antibiotics creates superbugs

Feed lot cattle are typically given significant doses of antibiotics because of the conditions they are raised in.

When we have to give antibiotics to one of our cows, they are removed from the herd and labeled as Grass Finished Without Antibiotics in the last 100 days.

3. No Hormones

Hormones in feed lot beef can be passed through to consumers

A medical study published in 2007 found hormones given to cows can be passed through and the impact can follow through life.

Raising hormone levels in humans changes how the body functions and can increase the risk of cancer.


4. Lower Fat & Calories

Reduce weight gain and obesity

Obesity is a risk factor for heart, liver and kidney disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke, immobility and problems breathing and sleeping.

Thinking about losing a few pounds?  Nurture Ranch is better than traditional grain fed beef because it's lower in fat and calories and richer in CLA which has been proven to reduce belly fat.

5. Richer in A

Good vision, bones, cells, immunity, skin, hair, nails & reproduction

Beta Carotene which is much higher in Grass Fed Beef than traditional feed lot beef is processed in the body and releases all the benefits of Vitamin A when you need it most.



6. More B1 & B2

Healthier heart, nerve, blood, energy, metabolism, cell, eye & skin development & function

Thiamine (Vitamin B1) is a co-enzyme that digests and metabolizes food for energy.  Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) maintains healthy blood cells and boosts energy.       


7. Higher in E

Reduces risks of heart disease & cancer & slows aging

Vitamin E balances cholesterol, slows free radical cells, inflammation & improves skin, hair, hormonal balance, vision, physical endurance, strength and PMS symptoms.

8. Richer in Minerals

Healthy bones, muscles & blood pressure

Calcium, Magnesium & Potassium support better cardiovascular health which improves the overall body.

We created Nurture Ranch to improve the food supply. Our traceable 100% grass fed beef is tender, delicious and is Better in 12 Ways® than feedlot beef.

9. Greater CLA

Reduces belly fat and cancer tumors, improves asthma, high blood pressure, cholesterol, osteoporosis & inflammation

CLA is used to treat cancer and in animal tests reduces tumors by 50%.  It is also an excellent agent to reduce belly fat and improve other chronic ailments.

10. More Omega-3

Improves cardiovascular function

Omega 3 reduces hypertension and heart attack risk.

11. Healthier Environment

Reduces disease & environmental waste

We raise cattle naturally in pastures without feed lots which has been proven to be better for the animals, humans and the environment.

12. Indy Ranchers

Preserves better food alternatives

We work with local ranchers using their land and expertise to nurture our cattle in the traditions of yesteryear & keep better ranching practices alive for future generations.

Nurture Ranch® is environmentally conscious and responsible which makes our pastures a nature haven.

We taste our words before sharing them. Here’s a link to experts who find 100% Grass Fed Beef is better than Feed Lot Beef.


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