1. Traceable

Traceable to a single steer per pack identifying where your beef came from and how it was raised.

2. No Antibiotics

Antibiotics create superbugs especially in large doses typically given to cattle herds.

3. No Hormones

Hormones pass through to humans changing body functions and increasing risk of cancer.


4. Low Fat & Cal

Reduces obesity improving heart, liver, kidney diabetes, cancer, stroke, immobility, breathing and sleep.

We created Nurture Ranch to improve the food supply. Our traceable 100% grass fed beef is tender, delicious and is Better in 12 Ways® than feedlot beef.

5. More Vitamin A

Improves vision, bone, cell, immunity, skin, hair, nails & reproduction from Beta Carotene which is much higher in Grass Fed Beef.



6. Greater B1 & B2

Healthier heart, nerve, blood, energy, metabolism, cell, eye & skin development & function B1 improves metabolism, B2 improves healthy blood cells and energy.       


7. More Vitamin E

Reduces risks of heart disease & cancer & slows aging by balancing cholesterol, slowing free radical cells and reducing inflammation.  Also improves skin, hair, eyes and PMS symptoms.

8. Mineral Rich

Healthy bones, muscles & blood pressure.  Calcium, Magnesium & Potassium support better cardiovascular health which improves health across the body.

Nurture Ranch® is environmentally conscious and responsible which makes our pastures a nature haven.

10. More Omega 3

Improves cardiovascular function and reduces cholesterol and hypertension. 

11. Environment

Reduces disease & environmental waste and propagates bee and pollenate populations.

12. Indy Ranchers

Preserves better food alternatives. We work with 5th generation local ranchers in the traditions of yesteryear to keep better ranching practices alive for future generations.

We taste our words before sharing them. Here’s a link to experts who find 100% Grass Fed Beef is better than Feed Lot Beef.


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