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Traceable 1 Steer Grass Fed Geed

“A Superstar in Radical Transparency”

Clean Eating Magazine

NEXTY AWARD WINNER for Best Transparently Sourced Product from the Natural Products Expo.

“I just wanted to tell you that I am amazed how good your beef tasted. I saw it and bought it for the first time yesterday at Publix and served it last night. I just told everyone on my about it. We’re having a pool party for the 4th of July. You can bet we’ll have your beef too.” Linda - from Georgia

100% cleaner* than industry standards because your loved ones are dependent upon clean food.

Texas Home Delivery!

We believe beef should be transparent, clean, nutritious, and delicious as naturally possible.

Nurture Tracker® code on every label traces to 1Steer® and 1 Cow® humanely nurtured in the USA birth to harvest for ultimate clean beef that's Better in 12 Ways® and taste so good people ask, 

"Hey, Where'd You Get That Meat!"®



We are here to improve beef with utmost transparency, cleaner processing, better nutrition and unmatched clean taste because our loved ones are dependent upon clean food.




1 Steer™ and 1 Cow™ clean, Nurture Tracker transparency on every pack and “Unmatched Clean Taste™.” We harvest for leaders in retail, food service and sell direct to consumers.


Retail and Food Service

We have the scale and location to deliver consistently around the calendar to retail and food service.