Give Thanks and Help A Local Shelter.


This month Nurture Ranch is giving thanks by supporting the North Texas Food Bank.  We are doing so by donating our profits from Amazon Fresh sales for the month and providing volunteer support.

The winter months are particularly challenging for shelters and those they serve.  Your help is needed right now more than ever. 

Shelters like the North Texas Food Bank support children, families, elderly, veterans and people of all kinds.  What people that food banks service have in common is they are experiencing an economic crisis in their life. That crisis could be due to health issues, physical and mental abuse or economic circumstances that have eliminated the need for their skillsets.


Many have not had a good run of luck.  But, luck is a funny thing, it can turn on dime and takes only a little momentum to quickly change. 

Your support in helping others can be a real spark for change in their life.

We encourage you to give thanks this season and help a local shelter.

You can donate time and money to the North Texas Food Bank by click here.

If you live outside of Dallas-Fort Worth, you can find local shelters through Feed America via this link.

You can also make donation by simply purchasing Nurture Burger from Amazon Fresh in DFW at this link.

Thank you and God Bless!

Rodney Mason, CEO

Rodney Mason